We offer customizable family camping trips in some of the most beautiful places around Florida. During the winter months, beach camping is a dream but during the hotter seasons the only place to be is in and around the Springs of North Florida. Choose from our  guided or  DIY camping trips  (we'll pack and plan, you just show up and camp) .


*Prices range from $100.00 to $400.00 depending upon the package and the price included in this listing serves as your security deposit in order to reserve your gear, adventure itinerary and if applicaable, your guide.

DIY Family camping trips

Adventure Packages
  • Let us plan your next adventure!​ DIY camping trips are designed to take the stress out of planning and preparing for camping and to provides families with all of the tools and resources to have a one of a kind adventure!

    What the adventure includes:

    1. We'll work with you and your family to find the best place to camp.

    2. We'll provide all of the gear needed (i.e. tent, tarps, cooking utensils, mess kit (dishes, cups and silverware) fire starting kits, sleeping pads, etc.)- pillows and sleeping bags/ blankets are not included.

    3. Personalized packing checklist.

    4. Personalized (and optional) itinerary for the best trip, ever!

    5. Kids nature exploration kit.

    6. Prepared meals for up to (3) days.

    7. (Optional) access to a canoe(s), paddle board(s) or kayak(s) and PFD's.

    8. Raft(s) to float on (if a lazy river is on the itinerary).

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